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Rig Repair, Upgrade and Conversion


ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore is a leading provider of repair, maintenance, overhaul, conversion and new construction of offshore drilling rigs, LNG vessels, power barges and other vessels for the marine, offshore, subsea installation, and oil and gas industries. The ST Engineering Halter Marine Offshore Pascagoula shipyard is purpose-built for heavy marine fabrication construction with reinforced concrete platen with 10 ton/sq ft load capacity, it is ideally suited for large module or topside construction. Our facilities include a full complement of cranes, panel line, shops, warehousing and offices to support rig repair, upgrade and conversion projects of any size.

rig repair


  • CMC Upgrades/Installation/ Derrick Reinforcement
  • Managed Pressure Drilling Piping/Skids/Installation
    • Rig upgrade enhancements (Helidecks, drilling systems, personnel board expansion, conversions)
  • Drilling rigs to production platforms or drill ships to FPSOs
  • Bare-decks to drilling rigs
  • Drilling rigs to power plants
  • Drilling rigs to accommodation platforms
  • Flotels to Drilling Rigs
  • Large modular fabrication and outfitted assemblies
  • Semi-submersible drilling rig conversion to rocket launch and recovery platfomr
  • Barge conversion to rocket recovery platform
  • Jackup Rig conversion to LNG processing plant
  • Jackup Rig conversion to Offshore wind/carbon capture platform
rig repair
  • Jack-ups legs extension
    • Structural upgrades
    • Derrick reinforcement, installation
    • Ballast Water Treatment System installation, piping design/fabrication
    • Rig systems modification
    • MODU to MOPU
    • Platform fabrication and installation
    • Module fabrication and installation
    • Drill floor installation and modification
    • Piping modification
    • Deep draft solutions for thruster removal and installation
    • Deep Hole for quayside thruster removal
    • Enhanced heavy weather mooring (300 ton bollards)